Adobe TV “Chips & Tips” Show

Back in September I received an email asking to analyze the colors of mood of my site in an episode of the Chip & Tips show of French Adobe TV. No need to say that I was very proud to accept. Check the result below:

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From Popcorn to Popova

Francisco Inchauste from smashing magazine wrote a very interesting post called “If Famous Graphic Artists Were Web Designers…”. The subject is polemic as you can see by the comments. Some people love it, others hate it. I, myself, liked it very much. For me it’s not a big deal if the article it’s not very precise historically. I found very interesting to see the similarities between a hundred years old paints and brand new designs. Check the comparison made by Francisco:
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Yields of this site

I’m very happy and very surprised about the audience of this website. It’s really amazing! Two weeks ago I sent the link to a few CSS galleries to get feedback and before I could track it, my site was published in a lot of css and reference sites. The visits rate increased 5000% in 2 days!
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One Man Band

Over the last months I developed a fascination for the street musicians called “One man band”. They’re a very curious social phenomenon that can be found in almost every country. When I started to pay attention to them a lot of questions came to my mind. The first one was “Why do they do it?”. Seriously, what’s the point of playing ten instruments at the same time? It seems a very hard to do task and it surely requires a lot of practice. They don’t sound very good (with very few exceptions) and of course, nobody likes them, most people on the street are  always trying to avoid them. You may try to pretend that they are not there, but it’s impossible not to notice them.
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Brand new Website

Hello world. This is the first post of my brand new website. I’m very happy with it and hope you like it too. This was build with paper, pencil, illustrator,  photoshop, wordpress, love and dedication. I want to thank the developers of brain fart for this wonderful code. For now that’s it, soon I will post here a lot of my work and life experience hence I live in a very curious city.   Read the rest of this entry

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